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    Water and salt are the natural antioxidants in human body to eliminate toxins and wastes.
    Cancer experts discovered that, less water consumption and light dietary (less salt) is the first step toward cellular canceration. When carcinogenic factors (such as diet, smoking, radiation, pesticides, toxins, emotions, stress, heavy metals, inflammation, viruses etc.) are affecting human body, it will cause rapid proliferation of cancer cells.
    Therefore, the quality and quantity of water and salt in daily consumption are very important. It is the best selection to drink a lot of Sambou bamboo salt water to prevent cancer.

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    According to statistical data, the pollution of water sources in Malaysia become worse in the recent years. Tap water of most area has ORP value up to +600mv, or even +700mv at some area. The industrial waste, pesticides, insecticides, chemical toxins and heavy metals have been identified as the causes of water pollution.
    The degree of water pollution is alarming the experts because the experts believe that one of the causes of cancer is water pollution, and each person requires to drink 2 liters of water daily. When the tap water is boiled, the water is only sterilized instead of purified. However, if bamboo salt with ORP value over -400mv is added into the boiled water, it neutralizes the toxins and turns the water to a safe and drinkable water.
    Direction: 1 teaspoon (2gm) bamboo salt is added to 1 liter of water. For most benefits, your family member and you should drink 2 liters or more bamboo salt water daily.

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    Three major characteristics of Sambou Bamboo Salt:

    (1) Alkaline, pH=10.44.
    (2) Contains 80 types of minerals.
    (3) High antioxidant activity, ORP is above - 400mV.

    Those characteristics is critical to the root causes of the health problems of modern people, such as acidic physique, insufficient intake or deficiency in minerals, and diseases caused by free radicals including cancer.

    Those problems are undoubtedly can be prevented and overcome by drinking 2 liters or more bamboo salt water daily.

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    Bamboo salt water is the idea selection to neutralize the acid in human body because:

    (1) Water and salt are the daily essential materials to be supplemented to human body.
    (2) From both quality and quantity perspective, drinking 2 liters of bamboo salt water (1 teaspoon of bamboo salt is added to 1 liter water, therefore 2 liters of water require 2 grams x 2 = 4 grams) is sufficient to neutralize the acidity of human body.
    (3) Bamboo salt water is able to penetrate into every part of human body and organs, including brain cells. Therefore, it has certain efficacy on the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

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    Acidic physique has been the breeding ground for all diseases. Most people in the modern life has a more acidic dietary habit.

    In addition, the foods and ingredients we are consuming now are containing pesticides, flavoring agents, color additives, chemicals and heavy metals, which cause the toxicity level in the food is slightly higher.

    Therefore, it is necessary for us to drink bamboo salt water everyday persistently to neutralize the acid and to detoxify.

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