• ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (52)

    We have touched upon the numerous small benefits of Bamboo Salt in previous news, such as benefits for itchy skin, body odour, Hong Kong foot, bloated stomach, intestinal hernia, diabetic wounds, rhinitis, pathogenic heat, pimples, toothache, mouth ulcers, constipation, diarrhoea, food poisoning, eye infections etc. In addition, Bamboo Salt also exhibits the following effects:

    §Stomach ache: just drink a large glass of concentrated Bamboo Salt water, and the stomach ache will subside in 10 minutes.
    §Heat stroke: if you feel dizzy and the body feels hot but does not perspire, drink Bamboo Salt water immediately.
    §Dry cough: itchy throat but no phlegm despite vigorous coughing. These symptoms will disappear after sucking on Bamboo Salt.
    §Hand, foot & mouth disease: infants resist milk and food when they have this disease. Feed them Bamboo Salt water to relieve pain in the mouth and on the tongue.
    §Motion sickness: just suck on some Bamboo Salt to alleviate nausea and dizziness.
    §Liver spots: apply wet Bamboo Salt on liver spots on the face and the arm, and the spots will lighten up after a few applications.
    §Mosquito bites & flower allergy: apply wet Bamboo Salt on the lesions.

    §Oil burns: apply Bamboo Salt immediately on oil burns while you are cooking. Do not rub on the lesions. There will be no blisters and, better yet, the lesions will recover very fast. §Shampoo for hair growth: when you are washing your hair, massage the scalp with some Bamboo Salt to stimulate hair follicles for more hair growth. §Washing fruit & vegetables: leave washed fruit & vegetables in Bamboo Salt Water (5g of the salt in 1 litre of water) to get rid of pesticides in a few minutes. §Tooth whitening: brushing your teeth with Bamboo Salt can kill bacteria, whiten your teeth, remove tartar and leave a clean fresh breath.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (51)

    Apart from a large quantity of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride and so on, the body also contains dozens of trace elements such as iron, copper, selenium, zinc, chromium, nickel, iodine, molybdenum... If the body lacks some trace elements, there will be retarded growth, compromised immunity, weak resistance, poor mental state, weakened body functions and abnormal metabolism. In fact, all glands in the body will not be working properly.

    Originally, we can absorb various trace elements from animal and plant food, sea salt, water and air. However, the amount of trace elements in soil is gradually depleted because of long-term use of chemical fertilizers which contain mainly nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. As such, it is getting more and more difficult for us to get adequate trace elements from animal and plant sources. The trace elements in sea salt and natural water sources are highly suitable for human consumption, but because of water and sea pollution, they now represent a direct form of health hazard to us.

    During the manufacturing process, Sambou Bamboo Salt from Korea absorbs the trace elements in sea salt, bamboo and mineral soil to provide as many as 80 kinds of trace elements. We can drink Bamboo salt water long-term to eliminate health problems associated with trace element inadequacy, which might jeopardise life.

    (NB. About 30% of diseases is caused by trace element inadequacy)

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (50)

    The human immune system can normally withstand a lot of insults, some of which are exogenous (external), e.g. UV light, radiation, negative ions etc., while others are endogenous, e.g. stress, fatigue, negative emotions, inadequate sleep, improper diet, smoking, drinking, drugs etc. All these insults can trigger autoimmune disorders, making the immune system attack own tissues and organs, causing damages and symptoms.

    There are various types of autoimmune disorders, including SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, Type I diabetes, iritis and so on...

    Looking at autoimmune disorders from a different perspective, it is proposed that these disorders arise as a result of dehydration, an acidic constitution, too much accumulated toxins, free radicals etc. A powerful anti-oxidant that enhances body alkalinity, Bamboo Salt water is the nemesis of these disorders, with the power to accelerate recovery of the deranged immune system.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (49)

    Though the medical professional is still unable to find the real causes of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Luis's dementia and senile dementia, there are more and more studies to point the finger to free radicals (reactive oxygen species).

    The brain is only 2% of the total body weight, but it consumes 20% of oxygen in the body, a process that generates free radicals that are damaging to nerve cells. For instance, it has been discovered that in the dense part of the brain of Parkinsonian patients, a large number of neurons die, and some even lose up to 70% of neurons.

    The blood brain barrier (BBB) denies access to a lot of drugs effective against cognitive problems into the brain. The brain is immersed in spinal fluid that is very similar to physiological saline (0.9% Nacl). Besides support and nutrient provision, the spinal fluid also removes metabolic waste from the brain, maintains acid/base balance and detoxifies the environment. Consuming large quantity of Bamboo Salt water can curb free radical damages to the nervous system and prevent nerve cell degeneration.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (48)

    There are various causes of food poisoning, including bacteria (e.g. E. coli), chemicals (e.g. pesticides), fauna and flora (e.g. cassava and lentils) and fungi (e.g. mushrooms).

    The primary symptoms are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhoea, often accompanied by fever. Dehydration, acidosis or even shock and coma may arise.

    For food poisoning cases without marked vomiting, the root of the tongue can be stimulated with fingers or chopsticks to induce vomiting. Alternatively, the patients can drink copious quantity of Bamboo Salt water (1 tablespoon (4g) of the salt in 300ml of water, 3 – 4 glasses consecutively) to induce vomiting repeatedly. This method is also applicable to longer food poisoning cases (for instance, more than 2 hours). If induction of vomiting is ineffective, the other way would be induced diarrhoea to expel toxic food from the body. After the bouts, continue drinking diluted Bamboo Salt water (1 tablespoon (4g) of the salt in 1 litre of water) to help the liver and kidney expel toxins as well as to prevent dehydration, acidosis, shock or coma as a result of severe vomiting or diarrhoea.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (47)

    Diabetes, hypertension, chronic nephritis, toxins, autoimmune disorders (e.g. systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE), hereditary disorders (e.g. polycystic kidney) are main compromisers of kidney functions. Among them, diabetes alone contributes to 40% -50% of kidney failure.

    High blood glucose can denature plasma proteins, making the blood more viscous and eventually affecting glomerular filtration. When glomeruli are stuck with denatured proteins, they will lose their filtration function gradually, giving rise to kidney failure.

    Bamboo Salt water can neutralize blood glucose (also known as blood acid) to prevent blood vessel erosion, thereby curbing diabetic retinopathy (eye problem), rupture of renal tubules etc. When diabetic blood is no more viscous, glomeruli damage in the kidney will be arrested, effectively preventing kidney failure.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (46)

    Pesticides, chemical toxins, heavy metal, drugs, plasticizers, toxic starch can all damage the kidney, which has to work 24/7 to filter all these toxins. However, excessive toxins in the body will lead to kidney overload, compromise kidney functions and even cause kidney stones, nephritis, cyst or tumour or kidney failure. In the end, the kidney will just give up and stop working.

    We should consume clean, alkaline and anti-oxidant water more, the characteristics of which are found in Bamboo Salt water, to help detoxify the kidney on a long-term basis. Drink 8 glasses (2 litres) of Bamboo Salt water daily to help the kidney filter accumulated toxins, thereby preventing kidney stones and nephritis as well as keeping tumours at bay.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (45)

    With a normal diet, a lot of acidic substances and a little alkaline substances are produced in the body. There are 2 major classes of acidic substances—carbonic acids (volatile) and fixed acids (non-volatile). Sugars, lipids, and proteins undergo oxidative decomposition to produce acidic substances such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, pyruvic acid etc. Fixed acids are derived from proteins, the production of which is directly proportional to protein level in the body. Fixed acids must be neutralized and expelled by the kidney, failing which they will wreak havoc in the body.

    When renal tubules discharge acidic urine, hydrogen and sodium ions are exchanged to produce sodium bicarbonate (NaHCo3). The kidney reabsorbs bicarbonates filtered by glomeruli and produces new bicarbonates to stabilize the latter’s concentration in the extracellular fluid, thereby maintaining the acid/base balance in the body.

    Therefore alkaline Bamboo Salt water is an important source of alkali that helps the kidney maintain a balanced pH.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (44)

    §Gall stones, the main constituent of which is cholesterol, are formed inside the gall bladder. The main function of the gall bladder is to store and concentrate bile acid, which contains mainly cholesterol in liquid form. If the body is lack of water, or when the cholesterol concentration is too saturated, insoluble cholesterol will be deposited in the gall bladder as gall stones. According to a survey, 80% of gall stone cases is due to not taking breakfast. This is because of the fact that bile acid, being concentrated and stored overnight and not expelled during breakfast, tends to get deposited.

    §Gall stone symptoms include dwindling appetite, nausea, jaundice, sustained fever and severe abdominal pain in serious cases, leading eventually to life-threatening biliary inflammation, pancreatitis and inflammation of the liver.

    §Bamboo Salt water plays a vital role in the prevention and treatment of gall stones via its miraculous effects on diluting bile acid and dissolving gall stones. According to Chinese medicine, the gall bladder is associated with the gall meridian, which triggers migraine when the gall is having some trouble, hence the reason why Bamboo Salt is especially effective against migraine.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (43)

    §Hepatitis is the medical name for liver inflammation. Some hepatitis patients do not have any symptoms, while others exhibit jaundice, poor appetite, vomiting, fatigue, abdominal pain or diarrhoea.

    §There are two types of hepatitis—acute and chronic. Acute hepatitis, when neglected or wrongly treated, can progress into the chronic form or even acute liver failure, liver cirrhosis or cancer.

    §If you drink Bamboo Salt water, you will not be susceptible to acute hepatitis. In the event of acute hepatitis, drink large quantity of Bamboo Salt water to get rid of the disease within a short time.

    §When neglected acute hepatitis progresses to chronic hepatitis, especially Type B and C, we need to consume ANT Brazilian Propolis besides drinking daily, on an empty stomach, 4 glasses of Bamboo Salt water (1 teaspoon (2g) of Bamboo Salt in 300 ml of water). The correct way to take the Propolis is add 10 drops of it in 1/3 glass of water and consume 3 times a day. Bamboo Salt, together with ANT Propolis, can control hepatitis and stimulate the production of antibodies in the liver to fight the disease.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (42)

    Nowadays the liver, a detoxifying organ, is heavily taxed by food, water and environmental pollution, and overloaded with chemical toxins, food additives, preservatives, seasonings, colourings, drugs etc. that abound in the market. When it accumulates too much toxins, the body feels lethargic, and appetite drops. Other symptoms include nausea, sustained mild fever, aversion to cold, dull complexion and lacklustre skin. In this condition, the liver needs copious fluid and powerful anti-oxidants such as vitamins (A, B, C, E) as well as minerals (e.g. zinc and selenium), anti-oxidants such as SOD and Glutathione for self-detoxification.

    Bamboo Salt, a powerful anti-oxidant, exerts a strong detoxifying action on the liver. For ordinary liver detoxification, daily intake of 2 teaspoons (4g) of Bamboo Salt in 2 litres of water is already adequate. For livers overloaded with too much toxins, drinking 4 glasses of Bamboo Salt water (1/2 teaspoon (1g) – 1 teaspoon (2g) in 300ml of water in each glass) on an empty stomach is needed to detoxify the liver successfully.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (41)

    The common cold, a type of viral infection, shows pronounced symptoms of running nose, nasal congestion and sneezing. Flu exhibits very similar symptoms as the common cold, but the symptoms are much stronger, accompanied by fever and body pain.

    Since the common cold is a viral infection, it is a self-limiting disease that lasts about a week. Common cold medications do not shorten the course of the disease but only alleviate the symptoms, making the patients more comfortable.

    No matter the common cold or flu, a lot of rest is in order. At the same time, taking 6 – 8 glasses of ½ teaspoon of Bamboo Salt in 300ml of water daily can boost immunity to fight the virus as well as to prevent dehydration and expedite recovery.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (40)

    Ocular hyperplasia, commonly known as eye film, is caused by pterygium hyperplasia--local hypertrophy of the conjunctiva. It will invade the cornea and give rise to blocked vision eventually. Eyelid hyperplasia, which must be removed with laser or surgery, has a high relapse rate. The problem is easily overcome with a drop of Bamboo Salt eye drop a few times daily, barring surgery. When the hyperplasia is gone, keep using the eye drop to prevent relapses.

    Eye inflammations can be divided into styes and glandular granuloma. A stye arises due to Staphylococcus aureus infection, causing redness, swelling, heat and pain. On the other hand, glandular granuloma is the result of too much fatty food, late nights or improper diet, causing abnormal sebaceous secretion and blockade of the Meibomian glands. The aftermath—inflammation, redness, swelling and tenderness. Just apply Bamboo Salt eye drop on the eye a few times daily, and any eye inflammation will subside in a few days.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (39)

    If the eye is red, swollen and painful, sensitive to light; or if it feels like there is a foreign body in it; or there is abundant secretion; or cries tears for no apparent reasons, it must be a bacterial infection.

    The most common eye inflammation is conjunctivitis. However, when viruses form retinal choroiditis, it can cause inflammatory macular degeneration, and uveitis can in turn cause iritis. Note that inflammation in the eye is one of the causes of secondary glaucoma.

    Hence, when there is eye inflammation, we must quickly apply Bamboo Salt eye drop. Just apply one drop each time, and do it a few times daily. The earlier we use Bamboo Salt eye drop, the faster the recovery. Delay at your own peril, because eye diseases may set in, or even blindness.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (38)

    At the beginning stage of acute macular degeneration (AMD), shadows or blurred areas appear in central vision, objects become distorted, and words on paper look bent. Over time, objects become magnified and darker. In the final stage, central vision is gone since the macula is responsible for focal length adjustment in the retina.

    3 major causative factors in AMD:

    1. Light—the eyes are exposed for a long period of time to blue ray (computers, mobile phones) and UV rays in sunlight.

    2. Age—the aging process gives rise to arteriosclerosis and oxidation in the eye, metabolic dystrophy etc.

    3. Degree of myopia—when short-sightedness exceeds 600 degrees, the eye will degenerate due to poor circulation and inadequate nutrient supply. On top of that, the problem of intraocular pressure will compound damages to the optic nerve over time.

    Other factors such as diabetes, hypertension, smoking, alcohol, lack of nutrients (e.g. beta-carotene) can trigger AMD as well. For AMD prevention and improvement (glaucoma and cataract too), we must avoid all the above factors, drink the powerful anti-oxidant Bamboo Salt water long-term, and apply Bamboo Salt eye drop every day.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (37)

    Cataract arises due to the lens opacity. It contributes to 50% of blindness and 33% of vision impairment in the world. Patients often experience symptoms such as reduced colour perception, blurred vision, halo, inability to adapt to bright light, and visual impairment in dark environments.

    The main causes of cataract include aging and risk factors such as diabetes, smoking, UV light and alcohol. All these factors generate a lot of free radicals that render the lens opaque, causing reduced amount of detectable light in the retina, vision impairment and ultimately blindness.

    Bamboo Salt is a powerful anti-oxidant, so that drinking it long-term can help eradicate free radicals, reduce their damages, and even protect the eye against cataract. Just apply Bamboo Salt eye drop to form a protection net on the eye to prevent/alleviate cataract.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (36)

    Glaucoma, the second major cause of blindness, can be divided into:
    Open-angle glaucoma, angle-closure glaucoma, primary or secondary glaucoma.

    The main causes of glaucoma include high intraocular pressure and slow exit of aqueous humour. Normal intraocular pressure is 10 – 20mmHg. In a lot of cases, a rise in intraocular pressure is caused by hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, overusing the eye (because of work or indulgence in mobile phones).

    Another major cause of glaucoma is poor drainage of aqueous humour in the eye. Since it is poorly excreted, it accumulates in the eye, resulting in high intraocular pressure over time. When the pressure gets too high, the compression on optic nerve will eventually lead to blindness.

    Hence it is highly advisable to get the eye checked for glaucoma when the peripheral vision becomes blur; or when the eye is red, swollen and painful; or when dizziness and nausea is persistent.

    Before impaired vision sets in, use Bamboo Salt water as eye drops. Though there is a tingling sensation, no harm will come to the eye. Open one eye and apply Bamboo Salt eye drop, and keep it in there for about 30 seconds. When the tingling sensation subsides, apply the eye drop to the other eye. Do this 3 – 5 times a day for good efficacy. Bamboo Salt eye drop is the best choice for glaucoma because it reduces intraocular pressure and expels excess aqueous humour!

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (35)

    Women are ambivalent to period pain, the 2 major causes of which are as shown below: 1.Primary period pain—as a result of prostaglandin secretion in the woman’s body 2.Secondary period pain—as a result of various reasons

    Period pain secondary to uterine fistula arises because the body is acidic, resulting in thick menstrual blood. Moreover, there is a tremendous loss of calcium during menstruation, leading to uterine tendon cramps.

    This type of menstrual pain can be relieved with drinking more Bamboo Salt water every day to neutralize body acidity and rarefy menstrual discharge. In addition, take some calcium supplements, and the problem will go away after some time.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (34)

    Male hormone level surges during adolescence. For young women, menstruation and hormonal imbalance stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum which, together with sloughed skin cells, tend to accumulate in hair follicles, leading to inflammation and pimples, and even pustules in severe cases.

    To stop pimples from aggravating, we must cut down on oily, spicy food as well as avoid dirty and fumes both at home and at work. In addition, stop using makeup to conceal pimples. Make sure your lifestyle is normal and you get adequate sleep.

    One way to treat pimples is to drink Bamboo Salt water every day, and wash the face, once in the morning and once at night, with 1 tablespoon (4g) of salt in 500ml of filtered water. Alternatively, just add a teaspoon (2g) of Bamboo Salt to a few drops of water, and use it to wash the face directly. Not only does Bamboo Salt cleanses hair follicle blockade, it also curbs inflammation (giving a little tingling sensation in the face). Wash the face thoroughly after 10 – 15 minutes of Bamboo Salt application. When the pimples are gone, continue washing the face with dilute Bamboo Salt water to prevent recurrence. Note that this method is only applicable to oily skin.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (33)

    Apart from pathogenic heat and sore throat, eating excessive fried food during Chinese New Year can lead to toothache, gingivitis, mouth ulcers and so on.

    Toothache can be readily attenuated by inserting Bamboo Salt into the tooth cavity or gap.

    For gingivitis, the best way is to drink daily a few times of Bamboo Salt water (½ – 1 teaspoon + 250ml of water), and rub the salt on ulcerated areas in the mouth. That is the reason why babies with hand, foot and mouth disease, after taking Bamboo Salt water (50ml/5 grids of water + ¼ teaspoon/0.5g of Bamboo Salt), start to drink milk again because the mouth ulcer pain is gone. In addition, it is a good idea to give probiotic supplement to babies with hand, foot and mouth disease.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (32)

    Chinese New Year is a time to indulge in good food. Children tends to drink a lot of carbonated drinks and eat fried snacks.

    Most fizzy drinks fall between pH2.6 – pH3.0, i.e. they are highly acidic and contains lots of sugar. Parents are urged to add some Sambou Bamboo Salt into fizzy drinks to, besides enhancing the taste, neutralize sugar and acidity in fizzy drinks so as to minimize damages to the children.

    Eating too much fried snacks can cause pathogenic heat, and half a teaspoon (1g) of Sambou Bamboo Salt in 200ml – 250ml of water can readily solve the problem. When sore throat occurs, just suck on about 1/4 ~ 1/3 teaspoon of the salt intermittently to get rid of sore throat.

    Chinese New Year is a time for seafood, meat and beans galore. Coupled with fizzy drinks and alcohol, high uric acid may ensue. Remember to take a lot of Sambou Bamboo Salt water to neutralize uric acid and prevent gout attacks. It is also a good measure to avoid high blood sugar. Here’s a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to everybody!

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (31)

    With the rainy season just over, mosquitos have started to ravage again, causing an exponential rise in dengue cases. If there are fever that persists for 3 days, rashes, muscle or joint pain, painful eyes, vomiting, headache etc., it is better to visit the hospital for dengue diagnosis, though there is still no medication for the disease as yet.

    Take 1 teaspoon (2g) of Sambou Bamboo Salt in 250ml of water to curb dengue. Drinking at least 4 glasses of Sambou Bamboo Salt daily on empty stomach (1 glass at a time on empty stomach) can effectively suppress dengue virus and stop the decline in platelet count. At this stage, consumption of tonics that can stimulate blood production can raise platelet count the next day, even to the normal level.

    During remission, it is common for patients to feel weak. They should continue drinking Sambou Bamboo Salt water to replenish electrolytes and control the fever. It promotes normal urination and speedy recovery and, at the same time, arrests the progression into bone pain and haemorrhagic fever.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (30)

    Cold, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis produce very similar symptoms. In sinusitis, apart from a runny nose and nasal congestion, there is also thick yellowish mucus that stinks, plus some facial swelling and pain. Most cases of sinusitis develop as a result of poor management of allergic rhinitis over a long period of time. Severe cases of sinusitis may give rise to late complications such as optic nerve inflammation, which will eventually lead to visual impairment, dural abscess, meningitis, cognitive degeneration etc.

    Pumping bamboo salt eye drops into the nasal cavity can clean up thick pus in sinusitis, curb inflammation of the nasal mucosa to relieve congestion and promote easy breathing. We can cleanse the nasal cavity a few times a day with bamboo salt eye drops, the efficacy of which can be seen in a week’s time.

    NB. Contemporary medicine also recommends cleansing the nasal cavity with physiological saline (0.9% of NaCl) to treat sinusitis.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (29)

    Electrolytes are great contributors to the body, a chemical plant in nature. Major electrolytes in the body include sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), Magnesium (Mg2+), calcium (Ca2+) and chloride (Cl-).
    Electrolytes play a number of key functions in the body, including:

    (1) ensuring a regular heart beat
    (2) maintaining a normal blood pressure
    (3) the transmission of nerve messages
    (4) muscle relaxation and contraction
    (5) acid-base balance
    (6) cellular osmotic pressure and so on.

    When the body lacks electrolytes, there will be drowsiness, general malaise, irregular heartbeat, nausea, loss of appetite, muscle cramps, stiff muscles etc.

    It is especially important to drink copious quantity of BAMBOO SALT WATER while working under the hot sun or in a hot environment that causes profuse sweating. That is because sweat contains a lot of sodium and chloride plus a little calcium, magnesium and potassium, and drinking bamboo salt water can replenish sodium and chloride in the body to ensure that there are sufficient electrolytes all the time.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (28)

    As for diabetes, we should be more concerned about the group with pre-diabetes symptoms (latency period of diabetes), because the number of people in this group far exceeds that of actual diabetics.

    According to studies by diabetes specialists, if we could intervene on the diet of this pre-diabetes group, control their food intake and enhance their exercise regimen, we could reduce their risk of diabetes by as much as 50%.

    Bamboo salt can neutralize blood glucose, reduce the body’s dependence on insulin to indirectly mitigate pancreas burden. Drinking bamboo salt water during diabetes intervention produces a more pronounced effect.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (27)

    In the body, uric acid is formed by breaking down purines, found in abundance in red meat, innards, seafood and beans. A large quantity of uric acid is easily formed and deposited in joints when the body is acidic or when there positive ions such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are lacking in the blood, leading to acute gout, characterized by redness, swelling as well as intense heat and pain in the joints. Gout often happens in the big toe, ankle, knee and other joints. Chronic hyperuricemia can cause kidney dysfunction, while repeated gout attacks can damage the joints, giving rise to osteoarthritis.

    To cure hyperuricemia and gout, we must avoid foods high in purines such as highly acidic drinks including beer, and high sugar beverages such as soft drinks and high fructose drinks. Drinking copious quantity of bamboo salt water can improve acidic constitution and replenish positive ions (sodium) to neutralize uric acid and prevent calcium loss. We can also drink ANT green Brazilian propolis during a gout attack to curb inflammation.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (26)

    Viscous blood, commonly known as thick blood, is increasingly affecting the younger age group. Viscous blood is the leading risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, especially in patients with the 3 high’s (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar).

    When the body gives out the following signals, it is high time to look out for viscous blood:

    1. Dizziness upon waking, drowsiness in the afternoon, alertness at night
    2. When memory begins to deteriorate or when forgetfulness suddenly rears its ugly head
    3. When blurred vision begins to happen intermittently
    4. Stiff back, shortness of breath while doing work on a squat
    5. Numbness in the extremities

    There is a high tendency for thrombi to form in hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia. Coupled with salt deficiency in the body and hence dehydration, water loss in blood vessels tend to generate blood clots that easily clog blood vessels, leading to stroke or myocardial infarction. That is why patients always sweat profusely before a stroke or heart attack.

    Besides diet control, blood viscosity regulation should also involve bamboo salt water consumption to dilute the blood, thereby preventing blood vessel blockade following water loss in blood vessels.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (25)

    Pruritus is an increasingly common health problem, especially in children and the elderly. Because the itch is so unbearable, patients often scratch the skin which, when broken, leads to dermatitis.

    The main cause of pruritus is dry skin as a result of chronic water shortage. If there is a disease accompanied by long term medication, especially with diabetics and patients with lung, liver, kidney, gastrointestinal problems etc., pruritus often aggravates. It is a complex health problem compounded by long term medications and lack of water. The skin is an important detoxification organ, and excreted toxins stay on the skin to cause pruritus.

    Thus it is very important to drink adequate bamboo salt water every day to get rid of pruritus. You might experience some healing crisis when you first consume bamboo salt water, in that the skin might still itch. Just apply some bamboo salt water on itchy parts to alleviate the problem.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (24)

    Hong Kong foot (tinea pedis) is characterized by bad smell produced by sole and toe-dwelling mold fermenting and metabolizing sweat. Hong Kong foot is usually itchy. There may even be blisters or pustules, causing epidermis spalling and the formation of superficial ulcers.

    Bamboo salt water is ideal for treating Hong Kong foot, with these following methods:
    1. Mix a tablespoon (4g) of bamboo salt in about 1 litre of warm water, the level of which must be above the toes and heels. Soak your feet in the water for about 10-15 minutes, then wipe them dry. Soak your feet in bamboo salt water 1-2 times a day.

    2. Alternatively, apply bamboo salt, mixed with a little water, on affected areas such as the toes or the soles to eradicate mold. Do it for a few consecutive days to completely overcome Hong Kong foot.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (23)

    Body odour arises because of eating habits and physical constitution. Sweating, besides cooling down the body, helps expel toxins in the body too. Sweat contains a lot of substances that promote bacterial growth, e.g. electrolytes such as calcium ions, potassium ions, sodium ions etc. as well as lactic acid, amino acids, urea and so on. Bacteria metabolize these substances and generate body odour. That is the main reason why people with acidic constitution leave behind body odour on their clothes after profuse sweating. Bamboo Salt Water easily overcomes this type of body odour.

    In the case of bromhidrosis (armpit smell), besides expelling normal sweat, the topical glands in armpits also expel pheromones, a type of hormone which, when acted upon by bacteria, produces a pungent odour that gives rise to bromhydrosis. The solution to this is drinking bamboo salt water and massaging the armpits and the navel with it. Mix a tablespoon (4g) of bamboo salt with some water and lightly massage the armpits and the navel with the solution for 5-10 minutes. Then take a shower. Do it for a few consecutive days, after which the bromhidrosis will disappear.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (22)

    A lot of people have migraine. In some advanced countries, it is prevalent in as high as 70% of office workers. Light migraine causes pain in a certain part of the head, but in severe cases, it feels like a hammer in one’s head, so severe that one wishes one could cut it off. Thus people with migraine attacks often bang their heads against the wall, trying to alleviate the excruciating pain.

    The majority of migraine is connected to the gall bladder meridian, with an overlap into the liver meridian. The excruciating pain can originate on either side of the head or the centre. Inadequate sleep, late nights, hypopyrexia, stress, fury, anxiety and negative emotions can all affect the gall bladder meridian and trigger a migraine attack. Long-term intake of bamboo salt water, which has a soothing effect on the gall bladder meridian, can banish migraine.

    It is also highly effective against other types of migraine e.g. where the urinary bladder meridian is involved (headache in the posterior part of the head) as a result of water shortage, frequent holding back of urine or kidney dysfunction; or where the stomach meridian or small intestine meridian is involved (pain in the face and cheeks) as a result of indigestion, improper diet etc.

    Other triggering factors of migraine include weather changes, pungent smell, food (containing tyrosine or nitrite), periods etc. that migraine sufferers must avoid to prevent an attack.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (21)

    A lot of people are troubled by stomach bloating and intestinal gas (flatulence). We can expel the gas by burping or passing out flatus. If not, they give us an uneasy feeling and in serious cases, even abdominal pain, worries and alarms. If this happens on the left side of the abdomen, we are worried that it might be a stomach problem; if it is on the right, we suspect liver inflammation; if it is on the lower part, we feel that it might be a tumour. Worse, in terrible cases, the flatulence might affect the thorax, causing laboured breathing or even suffocation, or anxiety about heart problem.

    Causes of flatulence:

    1. Improper ingestion method, indigestion
    2. Taking cold or irritating food, or a lot of gas produced during the digestion process.
    3. Gastrointestinal inflammation, affecting bowel motility
    4. Too much harmful bacteria or enzyme problems in the gut
    5. Constipation due to water or fibre shortage
    6. Emotional or autonomic disorders
    7. Gallstones, hepatitis or oncological problems.

    Just chew on 1/4 - 1/3 teaspoon of bamboo salt or granules to get rid of flatulence. About 5 minutes later, burping or passing flatus will take place. Your flatulence problem will disappear immediately, giving you complete peace of mind.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (20)

    Bamboo Salt Water can overcome constipation arising from water shortage. Just mix ½ to 1 teaspoon (1-2 grams) of bamboo salt in 300ml of water and drink it in the morning on empty stomach. If it makes you pass motion within an hour, it is the correct concentration of bamboo salt water for you. To cure constipation, the key is to drink 2 litres of bamboo salt water a day.

    We can also cleanse the bowel with bamboo salt water every 3-6 months. The regimen involves drinking a tablespoon (4 grams) of bamboo salt in 300ml of water in the morning (on empty stomach), followed by 1-2 litres of cold water (from the fridge) about 5 minutes later to give a bloated sensation. Defecation usually comes 15 minutes later. There may be 3-5 bouts, with the last defecation excreting mostly clear water. This concludes the simple bowel cleansing process. It is best to include probiotics in the regimen. Take breakfast after all the defecation bouts (NB. This bowel cleansing process is not suitable for the elderly).

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (19)

    Salt is an important source of chloride for the body. The 3 major electrolytes—potassium, sodium and chloride—are expelled in the urine daily, so we need to replenish them in large quantity every day.

    Chloride is the main negative ion in extracellular fluid. The absorption of potassium in food requires chloride. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach juice is formed by combining chloride and hydrogen ions. Chloride can kill bacteria in the gut and help the liver expel body toxins. It is interesting to note that there is a high concentration of chloride ions in the cerebrospinal fluid to prevent meningitis and spinal nerve inflammation.

    However, a lot of people are wary of salt and prefer food with very little of it, unaware that this will lead to chloride deficiency with complications such as muscle spasm, hair loss, inadequate stomach acid and hence indigestion. Drinking bamboo salt water regularly can provide the body with adequate quantity of chloride, especially for those on a salt-free diet.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (18)

    Bamboo salt contains the trace element iodine. Drinking bamboo salt water daily can replenish the body with this essential trace element. Office workers, who always eat out due to neglect, fussiness, lack of food stuff or whatever reason, seldom eat seafood such as deep sea fish, prawns, kelp etc., a poor eating habit that causes iodine deficiency and hence hypothyroidism, in serious cases of which can lead to goitre, commonly known as swollen neck.

    Iodine is the primary component of thyroxine, a hormone that affects more than 100 different types of enzymes to stimulate and regulate cell oxidation in the body. Hence thyroxine influences metabolism, including basal metabolic rate, intellectual development of children, rated of growth, nerve and muscle functions as well as proper functioning of the circulatory system, respiratory system and reproductive system.

    In addition, inadequate secretion of thyroxine can cause lethargy, sluggish circulatory system and bowel movement. In this state, obesity ensues if calorie intake is not properly controlled.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (17)

    Mucosa (mucous membrane) exists in the nasal cavities and the bronchi to filter, moisturize and warm the air that goes into the lung. Mucosa, full of capillaries, secretes moisture to keep the air moist and warm. Dry or cold air, including smoking, will lead to alveolar dryness and emphysema. Imbibing bamboo salt water can load up the mucosa with water to prevent it from drying up.

    Apart from that, smoking, welding, spraying paint, lime, renovation works, air pollution and so on will slough off cilia in the mucosa or reduce their swinging movement, or even trigger bronchial sensitivity and contraction, thereby giving rise to asthma, or causing dryness in the mucosa and dry cough due to severe lack of body water. Replenishing the body with bamboo salt water keeps the mucosa moist, protects the cilia and overcomes dry cough by expelling foreign particles in the form of sputum.

    If there is sinusitis as a result of nasal cavity inflammation, besides drinking bamboo salt water, patients should also take ANT green Brazilian propolis on empty stomach 3 times a day. The key is to introduce concentrated bamboo salt water into the nasal cavities a few times a day to cure sinusitis.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (16)

    The majority of asthma in children or the elderly is caused by severe lack of body water that produces a tremendous increase in histamine, an important neurotransmitter controlling thirst mechanism and telling the body to consume more water.

    However, the build-up of histamine level in the lung tends to cause bronchospasm and contraction, thereby triggering asthma. Bamboo brine, with its powerful anti-histamine effect, can give marked alleviation to this type of asthma.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (15)

    Salt is accounted for 27% of the bone whereas water is 20%. Therefore, it is one of the reasons that a person who has a light dietary habit tends to have osteoporosis. Sufficient water and salt help to build stronger bone. If clicking noises are heard or joint pain, the sufficiency of salt and water intake must be first be considered.

    Bamboo salt water is alkaline. It can easily neutralize uric acid, reduce the burden on the kidneys, improve acidic physique to maintain the body pH in between 7.35-7.45. It also reduce the loss of calcium, and has significant effect on gout or gouty arthritis due to the deposition of crystals of uric acid in a joint.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (14)

    In traditional Chinese medicine, blood sugar is also known as blood acid, therefore it is certain that bamboo salt helps to neutralize blood sugar, and reduces the dependence on medicines for diabetes patients.

    Drinking bamboo salt water also prevents the harm of diabetes to blood vessels and eyes, whereas using bamboo salt water to wash the wounds of diabetic patients will greatly improve the recovery.

    Bamboo salt water is useful for following different types of diabetes:

    (1) The damaged pancreas is unable to produce any insulin due to free radicals attack, and bamboo salt is able to improve or even rehabilitate this type of diabetes.

    (2) For the diabetes caused by virus infected pancreas, add some ANT Brazilian Green Propolis into the bamboo salt water will help to resume the pancreas function very soon.

    (3) For diabetic patients who have abnormal pancreatic secretion of insulin, including diabetes inherited from family, drinking ANT Red Ginseng Essence or do more exercise is able to activate the secretion of insulin.

    (4) The zinc level in pancreas of diabetic patients is only half of normal people, and zinc has a role in assisting insulin to break down blood sugar.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (13)

    Most people are suffering from gastric problems, stomach ache or abnormalities in the secretion of gastric acid. The causes of those problems that will finally lead to gastric ulcer are as follow:

    (1) abnormal gastric acid secretion due to irregular eating habit.

    (2) Drinking lemonade, orange juice, coffee, enzyme or apple vinegar on empty stomach will cause excess gastric acid secretion.

    (3) Drink enough water when taking medicine such as tablets for rheumatoid arthritis on empty stomach to remove the medicine from stomach, otherwise it may erodes the esophagus and stomach.

    (4) For some office workers, the work stress and life stress can also lead to excess gastric acid secretion.

    Bamboo salt is undoubtedly the solution for sufferers of abnormal gastric acid secretion, stomach ache, gastric disease and gastric ulcer. For worn stomach lining and gastric ulcer, the condition can be greatly improved by drinking 4 cups of bamboo salt water daily on empty stomach, and 1/2-1 teaspoon bamboo salt is added to 250-300ml water. You may feel uncomfortable or even tingling when you start drinking bamboo salt water, but the feeling will diminish if you drink persistently for few days to help the wound to recover quickly. For sufferer of abnormal gastric acid secretion, drink a cup of bamboo salt water when gastric acid is secreting will help to protect the stomach.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (12)

    Besides neutralizing the excessive acidic substances in brain cells, bamboo salt also helps to prevent early onset of Alzheimer's disease. As a strong antioxidant, it protects brain cells from free radicals attack and prevents Parkinson's disease.

    Salt is also a powerful anti-stress element that can improve your self-confidence and maintain a positive self-awareness. It helps the brain to keep serotonin and melatonin, which are the natural sleeping pills that help people fall asleep more easily. In our entire life, salt plays an important role in the nerve cells' communication and information processing when the brain is functioning.

    In fact, salt has a significant effect in treating mental illness, whereas lithium (Li) is only a substitute for salt, which is usually used to treat depression.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (11)

    Free radicals are one of those causes posing serious threats to public health. About 2% of reactive oxygen species is found in human body. The unstable reactive oxygen species carrying only one electron, therefore it will attempt to obtain electrons from surrounding to maintain its stability. Reactive oxygen species is also commonly known as free radicals, and the process of obtaining electrons from the surrounding causes oxidation.

    Despite the 2% of reactive oxygen species in human body, other factors such as the ultraviolet radiation due to the depletion of the ozone layer, polluted air and water sources, the pesticides in foods, toxins, radiation, smoking, drinking and emotional stress will also increase the level of reactive oxygen species.

    The latest research reported clearly that, free radicals are closely related to the following lethal diseases (1) cardiovascular disease (2) inflammation of the body and organs (3) cancer and tumor (4) aging of the human body and organs.

    Sambou bamboo salt is a strong antioxidant, therefore it helps to prevent, ease or even treat the health problems caused by free radicals effectively.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (10)

    When family member(s) is suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular disease or kidney disease, they will tend to have a light flavor dietary, whereas some people are deliberately following the healthy principles which are less oil, less salt and less sugar, and finally their body are lack of salt.

    First of all, we must aware that we are living in a tropical country. We will sweat heavily during outdoor work, activities or sports, and our body will lose a lot of salt and water. For those who are working in the air-conditioned room, the body also need sufficient salt to keep the water in body, and it is necessary to replenish salt and water daily.

    When the body is lack of salt, you will feel dizzy, exhausted, irregular heartbeat, heavily sweat, muscle pain, stiff muscle, cramps, loss of appetite, nausea and insomnia.

    When the body lacks of salt, people will have a heat stroke in a hot weather, feeling thirsty, headache, dizzy, syncope, weak, flushed face, dry and warm skin without sweating. In severe situation, the heartbeat is accelerated, blood pressure is decreased, breathing is shallow and rapid, then cramps and heart failure.

    For patients of hypertension, thick blood or thrombosis, the blood vessels lose most the water when body is dehydrated through heavily sweating in body or head. This will cause stroke or hemorrhage, and the elderly people might even past away due to heart deficiency in their sleep if the heart lacks of salt!

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (9)

    In addition to drink sufficient water, adequate salt intake is necessary to keep the water in human body. Most of the complex functions in human body have actually stopped working when human starts feeling thirsty. The enzyme is also no longer functioning, and this is one of the reasons causing aging.

    Most people misunderstand that, thirsty is the only sign of insufficient water intake, however, there are three different levels of feeling that reflect the symptoms of local or comprehensive water shortage:

    (i) most common feeling during water shortage: fatigue, agitated, irritable, anxious, frustrating, depressed, lack of sleep, dizziness.

    (ii) Thirst mechanism, there are six symptoms: 1. asthma 2. allergies 3. hypertension 4. constipation 5. type 2 diabetes 6. autoimmune diseases.

    (iii) More intense signs of "water crisis": 1. heartburn 2. stomach ache 3. angina 4. back pain 5. migraine 6. colicodynia 7. fibromyalgia 8. bulimia 9. morning sickness phenomenon.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (8)

    The importance of the elements to sustain a life in order:
    (1) Oxygen (2) Water (3) Salt (4) Potassium.
    In human body, water and salt are closely related. The water can not be kept in body without salt. Furthermore, most people do not drink enough water, and are not aware of the signals of insufficient water intake,
    ▶️(1) They believe that thirsty is the only sign of insufficient water intake,
    ▶️(2) If water is not timely replenished, human will gradually feel numb about thirst.
    ▶️(3) The feeling of thirst will gradually diminish along age.

    Unfortunately, the water can not be replenished in a snap when the body is severely lack of water.
    We will talk about the signs of insufficient water intake in next discussion.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (7)

    Refined salt (chemical salt) contains only chlorine and sodium. It is commonly known as sodium chloride (99.8%) but does not contain other minerals. The sodium chloride (NaCl) is obtained by electrolyzing the sea water. Therefore, the molecular structure of refined salt is too strong and can not be excreted easily. This burdens the kidney and will eventually precipitate in the kidney and forms kidney stones.

    🔸Our kidneys requires water and salt to neutralize acid and to detoxify. The Sambou bamboo salt has particularly strong effect in neutralizing acid and detoxifying, hence, it brings health benefits the kidneys instead of burdens the kidney.

    🔸Therefore, Sambou bamboo salt has particularly the efficacy in chronic renal failure caused by the deposition of western medicine composition in kidneys after long-term of medication.

    ✡Note: If you are taking any western medicine, you may only drink the bamboo salt water at least 1 hour after taking the medicine.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (6)

    Salt is not the main cause of hypertension.

    🔸The factors cause hypertension are: vascular occlusion, thick blood, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, emotional stress, endocrine disorders, kidney diseases, high blood pressure, obesity and other factors.

    🔸The salt has been known as the cause for hypertension because the sodium in salt helps human body to store water. When people eat salty food and drink less water, the excessive salt will not be excreted. The high sodium ions and water in blood will eventually increase the density of blood vessels and raises the systolic pressure.

    🔸The salt has been known as the cause for hypertension because the sodium in salt helps human body to store water. When people eat salty food and drink less water, the excessive salt will not be excreted. The high sodium ions and water in blood will eventually increase the density of blood vessels and raises the systolic pressure.

    🔸In this case, drinking plenty of water helps to excrete the salt and returns the blood pressure to normal level.

    🔸In 1997, Dr. David Mike Cullen of the Division of Nephrology at the Oregon Institute at Portland published an article in the American Journal of Nutrition:

    🔸From experiment, he discovered that adequate daily intake of potassium, calcium, magnesium and salt will not increase blood pressure, and in fact it decreases blood pressure.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (5)

    Water and salt are the natural antioxidants in human body to eliminate toxins and wastes.

    Cancer experts discovered that, less water consumption and light dietary (less salt) is the first step toward cellular canceration. When carcinogenic factors (such as diet, smoking, radiation, pesticides, toxins, emotions, stress, heavy metals, inflammation, viruses etc.) are affecting human body, it will cause rapid proliferation of cancer cells.
    Therefore, the quality and quantity of water and salt in daily consumption are very important. It is the best selection to drink a lot of Sambou bamboo salt water to prevent cancer.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (4)

    According to statistical data, the pollution of water sources in Malaysia become worse in the recent years. Tap water of most area has ORP value up to +600mv, or even +700mv at some area. The industrial waste, pesticides, insecticides, chemical toxins and heavy metals have been identified as the causes of water pollution.
    The degree of water pollution is alarming the experts because the experts believe that one of the causes of cancer is water pollution, and each person requires to drink 2 liters of water daily. When the tap water is boiled, the water is only sterilized instead of purified. However, if bamboo salt with ORP value over -400mv is added into the boiled water, it neutralizes the toxins and turns the water to a safe and drinkable water.
    Direction: 1 teaspoon (2gm) bamboo salt is added to 1 liter of water. For most benefits, your family member and you should drink 2 liters or more bamboo salt water daily.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (3)

    Three major characteristics of Sambou Bamboo Salt:

    (1) Alkaline, pH=10.44.
    (2) Contains 80 types of minerals.
    (3) High antioxidant activity, ORP is above - 400mV.

    Those characteristics is critical to the root causes of the health problems of modern people, such as acidic physique, insufficient intake or deficiency in minerals, and diseases caused by free radicals including cancer.

    Those problems are undoubtedly can be prevented and overcome by drinking 2 liters or more bamboo salt water daily.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (2)

    Bamboo salt water is the idea selection to neutralize the acid in human body because:

    (1) Water and salt are the daily essential materials to be supplemented to human body.
    (2) From both quality and quantity perspective, drinking 2 liters of bamboo salt water (1 teaspoon of bamboo salt is added to 1 liter water, therefore 2 liters of water require 2 grams x 2 = 4 grams) is sufficient to neutralize the acidity of human body.
    (3) Bamboo salt water is able to penetrate into every part of human body and organs, including brain cells. Therefore, it has certain efficacy on the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

    ✳ ANT Sambou Bamboo Salt Newsletter (1)

    Acidic physique has been the breeding ground for all diseases. Most people in the modern life has a more acidic dietary habit.

    In addition, the foods and ingredients we are consuming now are containing pesticides, flavoring agents, color additives, chemicals and heavy metals, which cause the toxicity level in the food is slightly higher.

    Therefore, it is necessary for us to drink bamboo salt water everyday persistently to neutralize the acid and to detoxify.

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